Real Wild 3D Alert Replaceable Vital Deer Buck with EZ Pull Foam Blem

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Alert Replaceable Vital Deer

    • Economical replacement vital.

    • Life-like detailed anatomy of 135 Lb Deer

    • Replacement plug is self-healing foam

    • Official ASA Universal Ring Set


The VR DEER SERIES has a replacement vital plug composed of high density, self-healing foam. The super realistic design and low cost of replacement vitals make it an excellent choice for backyard practice, or the competitive archery tournaments. The RV deer has Universal ring set for official ASA and IBO scoring. The outside edge of the replacement plug serves as the vitals ring, leaving no confusing lines for tournament shooting. Available in three head positions. (Alert, Sneak, Browsing).

Circumference:37 in. Height:33 

*Blem products have minor cosmetic damage but are expected to perform the same as the normal unblemished product.*