BIGshot Game Jacket

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  • Universal bag slip cover

  • Upgrade their current bag with fun games faces

  • Lasts ten times longer than  paper targets


The BIGshot Bag Jacket is a universal bag slip cover that allows all bag target owners to upgrade their current bag with new and fun games faces. The BIGshot Bag Jacket is an inexpensive and easy retrofit on any standard size bag. The Bag Jacket comes with multiple game faces to entertain the whole family and renews old worn and faded bag targets.

The Bag Jacket stays on your target better and lasts ten times longer than unwieldy paper targets. And because the woven material separates when the arrow penetrates it won’t tear like foam target faces. The sturdy 6 oz. material renews and protects your current bag face.

“Today’s archers are more sophisticated and are looking for more fun and entertainment than old style dot targets provide.“ states Al Perelli, President of BIGshot Archery LLC. “BIGshot targets provide a more entertaining experience for the whole family. All our new products for 2014 will focus on improving the experience and enjoyment of shooting a bow.