How long should I expect my BIGshot target to last?

Each of our targets are meticulously manufactured to be able to take thousands of shots. As long as you are using the whole target and not just shooting an individual spot, while also storing them correctly, your target should last for a very long time.


Will my BIGshot target be able to stop arrows at high FPS?

Our targets are built to withstand up to 500 FPS of raw speed bow force. As well as being able to stop arrows of different compositions. Examples of such arrow compositions being wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber.


What does proper target maintenance look like?

We here at Bigshot, recommend storing your targets in a covered area away from the elements and direct sunlight when not in use. Doing this and making sure to use the entire surface of the target, not just a small area, ensures that you are able to keep your target in the best shape possible for the longest amount of time.


What exactly does our Shipping Protection cover?

Our Shipping Protection covers all the unforeseen events that might occur during transit. Be it damage, loss, or theft, we've got you covered. This means that from the moment your order leaves our warehouse until it arrives at your doorstep, your items are under our protective wing.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions about your product specifically or just general questions you can email us at: info@bigshottargets.com. We have people ready and waiting to help you.

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