Real Wild 3D Medium Series Alert Buck with EZ Pull Foam

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The RealWild Medium Series Buck is perfect for clubs looking for an affordable deer target that is super realistic and matches the typical Appalachian deer you will pursue in the wild. Great for clubs who have members that are actual hunters and want to judge distance and shot placement in realistic hunting situations.

Dimensions: 43" x 11" x 44"

Customer Reviews

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Louis Wenger
Excellent target

Great target. The artist is to be commended. The first year I had the antlers in and it got absolutely trashed by a buck, broke it into pieces. I was pissed but can't be mad at nature. Next year I took the antlers off and now it's getting humped to death, my tracking dogs now think my target is a real deer because it's constantly covered in deer scent. It's been a lot of work lol. But the target is good. Easy arrow pull but I think I'll put a sheet over it next rut.

Cory Milbourn
Great so far

The initial arrows were a pain in the tail to pull out. I am shooting Traditional, long bow and recurve. After about 100 arrows, they pull out very easily. The deer is a great size that replicates a deer in my area of North Carolina. I am happy with the purchase.

David Sobczak
Best target

As a archer, I've used a lot of different targets. Hands down the Bigshot targets are awesome. I got the Real wild 3D medium series alert buck. I love this target. I would recommend them 100% !

Awesome target!

Really good value for the money. Cheaper than the competitors and lasts just as long.