Pro Hunter 16 Target

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Pro Hunter16 Broadhead Target


16”H X 16”W X 13.5”D (9 lbs)

Crossbow Rated 375 FPS

Practice with Purpose

The Pro Hunter 16 multipurpose target utilizes the new BIGshot Elasto-Flex foam which works equally well with field points or broadheads. In addition, the Pro Hunter’s unique design takes practice with purpose to the next level.

The Pro Hunter methodically prepares you for hunting success with five specific target faces designed for each phase of your shooting experience.

The Pro Hunter 16 sports a unique tapered design which conserves space for traveling and storage. The taper also positions the target face perpendicular to your shooting plane for better target acquisition. Whether you’re just starting to shoot your new bow, warming up for competition or shooting more powerful crossbows, the Pro Hunter will take your game to the next level.

Customer Reviews

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R. Bartell
Great target after 100 plus rounds

Called and talked to someone who is a vested part of the business. Got the ProHunter 16 and love it so far. I've shot maybe 75 rounds or more of field points and maybe 30-40 broad heads (600g total using Tooth of the Aaron fixed blades). I shoot Mathews Helium at ~64lbs and ~280 fps. Not showing any signs of chipping or falling apart. All arrows go in about 3/4 of the way but pull out easy.


Really good target for practicing