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Taking It To The Next Level!

The Pro Video Wall system with Live Hunt Technology and our new True Vitals Interactive Vitals; delivers an unbelievably life like experience you cant get with old fashion paper targets. This system is great for clubs, outfitters and pro shops that need to attract and retain members and customers by offering the latest range system at an affordable price. If you live to hunt and want your practice to be realistic and exciting, then this is the system for you. 

The Pro Video Wall offers unmatched versatility and ease of use. The system works with youth bows, recurves and all compound bows. It is ultra safe and completely mobile. Put it in a trailer or break it down, transport it, and set up in just a few minutes at a local club or outdoor event. 

The 6 foot by 8 foot wall with live hunt sensors included and interactive software adds a life size experience for your passionate customers, friends and club members. And it attracts younger adults and kids that expect an interactive experience. Nothing else offers the benefits of the Pro Video Wall at a phenomenal price point.

The system comes complete with all the technology you need to get a truly interactive simulator experience for your range at a price level never achieved before.  

System Components Personal/Pro Pro/Mobile
Range Wall Size 55" X 70" 72" X 107"
Number of Cubes 12 24
Video Wall 4' X 6' 6' X 8 '
Video Wall Sensors N/A Included
Video Processing Computer N/A Included
Multi Player Software N/A Included
BVR Hunt Player Software included Included
Live Hunt Scenes 30
Premium True Vital System N/A Included
Total Scenes 40 60
Projector/Lumens 2000 3300
Projector Enclosure Included Included
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse  Included Included
Foot Pedal  Included Included
Inline Connector for Foot Pedal  N/A Included
Warranty 30 days 60 days
Monthly Electronic Extended Support 39.99 $ 49.99

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