Iron Man 24" Xtreme 500 High Kinetic Energy Crossbow Target w/ Weather Cover

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Iron Man 24" Xtreme 500

    • Field Point
    • Rated 500 FPS
    • 240 FP KE Energy
    • Super Easy Pull
    • 24 " by 25" Long Range Format
    • Great for Long Distance Shooting

The first 500 FPS high-end field point target designed for the
extreme shooter and customers who want the
longest lasting target on the market. IRON MAN Extreme Series
utilize a fortified shell to achieve extreme
compression of BIGshot Archery’s exclusive military fibers and a
best in class multi-directional woven ballistic core. The BIGshot IRON MAN stops even the most extreme compound and crossbow systems. All Extreme IRON MAN targets are rated at 500 FPS.
If you are ready to step up to the next level, then you are ready for IRON MAN Targets,
the densest target with maximum stopping power.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shawn Gallagher
Love it

So far so good. My favorite part is the cover!!

Mark Nakles
Extreme 500

Well I ordered the extreme 500 specifically because it showed it with a weather proof cover. It was winter at the time. When I finally opened the box in September it did not have the cover. I was pretty upset because I would have purchased the 650 which did not have a weather proof cover. Since several months had passed I did not bother to contact big shot and attempt to complain about not getting the cover my fault for not checking when I received the target. As far as the 500 extreme it stops my arrows from my 505 everytime. Just don't hit the same hole or fletching will bury inside and be ruined while removing arrow. Also arrows are very easy to remove from target unless you hit same hole. I feel its an excellent target for even the fastest crossbows, just bummed I did not receive the cover.