Iron Man 30" Personal Range Target

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-Extremely Easy Pull!

-Personal Crossbow Capable Range

-Shoot Indoor or Out

-Proprietary Nylon Facing

Dimensions: 30" x 30" x 12"

Introducing the Iron Man 30 High Compression Crossbow and Compound Bow Target, the ultimate solution to take your archery skills to the next level! Designed to withstand blazing speeds of up to 470 FPS, this sturdy target ensures optimal durability, allowing you to hone your shooting accuracy with confidence. With its innovative high compression design, the Iron Man 30 effectively stops arrows in their tracks, preventing pass-throughs and offering easy arrow removal. The wood frame allows for bolt on attachments such as our sturdy steel target stand (sold separately) that elevates the target off the ground, providing a more realistic shooting experience and ensuring better alignment for the shooter. Whether you're practicing indoors or enjoying the great outdoors, this target delivers exceptional performance in any setting. Perfect for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned archers, the Iron Man 30 High Compression Crossbow and Compound Bow Target will elevate your archery sessions to new heights of precision and excitement. Sharpen your skills and hit the bullseye every time with the Iron Man 30!

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Arcidiacono
Iron man 30

I have recently purchased this target and I’m impressed. I shoot a 85# bow that shoots real speed 350. They don’t even pass through the target. Let alone they are very easy to pull out. Considering all the foam targets I shoot it melts to the arrow and it’s a pain for them to get out. The target is a little heavy but it’s easy with 2 people and 1 if you’re strong enough. Overall a great target!

Brian Petrovic
Great indoor target

My son and I have been shooting the target for a couple months now. Hundreds of shots a day in the basement from exactly 19 yards. It has held up pretty darn good. I feel very confident that it has been through at the very least 20,000 arrows in the last 4 months. We would have shot out quite a few other brands of targets for sure. I feel like the target is of good quality at a very fair price. We like the target so much we just purchased a second one for the basement and may even get a third for outdoors so we don’t have to carry one up and down the stairs. If you are looking for a good target for practice points, don’t second guess it…. Grab one of these and you will not be disappointed! Again, good product and a good price!

Jeff Anderson

Iron Man 30" Personal Range Target

John S
Best target on the market.

Easy pulling, lasts forever.

Doug Parker

Iron Man 30" Personal Range Target