Iron Man 30" Personal Range Target

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-Extremely Easy Pull!

-Personal Crossbow Capable Range

-Shoot Indoor or Out

-Proprietary Nylon Facing

-30 X 30

Introducing the Iron Man 30 High Compression Crossbow and Compound Bow Target, the ultimate solution to take your archery skills to the next level! Designed to withstand blazing speeds of up to 470 FPS, this sturdy target ensures optimal durability, allowing you to hone your shooting accuracy with confidence. With its innovative high compression design, the Iron Man 30 effectively stops arrows in their tracks, preventing pass-throughs and offering easy arrow removal. The wood frame allows for bolt on attachments such as our sturdy steel target stand (sold separately) that elevates the target off the ground, providing a more realistic shooting experience and ensuring better alignment for the shooter. Whether you're practicing indoors or enjoying the great outdoors, this target delivers exceptional performance in any setting. Perfect for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned archers, the Iron Man 30 High Compression Crossbow and Compound Bow Target will elevate your archery sessions to new heights of precision and excitement. Sharpen your skills and hit the bullseye every time with the Iron Man 30!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome but HEAVY!

Has stood test of time as far as two years outdoors but takes 2 strong people to move it

Chris Boyle
Arrow removal with ease!

I went from using a foam block to this. Arrow removal is so much easier than before!

steve Clark
Hard core

I got tired of shooting the fletching thru the targets so I moved to the iron man and it allows 2-3” of penetration and easy arrow removal. 10/10

Kraig Moeggenborg
Awesome target!

I have destroyed a lot of quality targets. When I went to a 600 grain arrow for elk hunting I needed something that would hold up. This target EXCEEDED my expectations! Arrows pull easy and the target seems to self heal. It’s a little heavy…but I wheel it out on my 2 wheel cart and I have never blown through the target! I leave it on the cart and wheel it back into the barn when done. This was worth every penny spent. I highly recommend this target to everyone.

jamie Rossi
Iron Man 30" Personal Range Target

I bought this target for some backyard shooting and this was the perfect size. I did alot of research on line and this was the company I chose to spend my money with. I made a nice wooden shelter for this to live in with solar lights because I shoot alot day or night. The amount of arrows I have put in the Iron Man 30 is ridiculous !! Zero issues and no odd deformedies, arrows still think the target is new !! My set up is 75lbs so these are not light shots daily.. Im am definitely getting another Iron Man Target but not to replace the one I have, just to add to my shooting range. Huge thumbs up to this company!!