Ironman 30k 650

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-Extremely Easy Pull!

-Personal Crossbow Capable Range

-Shoot Indoor or Out

-Proprietary Nylon Facing

-30 X 30

Introducing the Iron Man 30k High Compression Crossbow and Compound Bow Target, the ultimate solution to take your archery skills to the next level! Designed to withstand blazing speeds of up to 650 FPS, this sturdy target ensures optimal durability, allowing you to hone your shooting accuracy with confidence. With its innovative high compression design, the Iron Man 30 effectively stops arrows in their tracks, preventing pass-troughs and offering easy arrow removal. The wood frame allows for bolt on attachments such as our sturdy steel target stand (sold separately) that elevates the target off the ground, providing a more realistic shooting experience and ensuring better alignment for the shooter. Whether you're practicing indoors or enjoying the great outdoors, this target delivers exceptional performance in any setting. Perfect for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned archers, the Iron Man 30 High Compression Crossbow and Compound Bow Target will elevate your archery sessions to new heights of precision and excitement. Sharpen your skills and hit the bullseye every time with the Iron Man 30k 650!